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Cartography of an Identity Santa Monica, CA.

 Betsabee Romero's new exhibition "Cartography of an Identity" curated by Laura Pomerantz and Sponsored by the General Consulate of Mexico and Los Angeles on September 22nd at 6 pm at Bergamont Station Building F2.Betsabee will be here for interviews starting September 17th.

Betsabee has participated in numerous artist residencies and exhibitions in major institution in Mexico, Latin America, the US and Europe.



"Cartography of an Identity" is a solo exhibition by renowned artist Betsebée Romero. The exhibition features installations of prints made on recycled and engraved tires, on pneumatic strips, car hoods, and even toy cars. She explores iconography made up of found objects, decontextualized and given new meaning. 

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