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Trenzando raices

Art Gallery of York University - Toronto, Canada
13/09/18 - 02/12/18




Strength in the symbols, legends, identity, history, community, nature.
These groups have in common the respect and connection with nature in all the Americas. With the endowment of animals.
Groups belonging to determined areas by its landscape, by the surrounding earth’s culture however, due to cultural changes, Mexican indigenous have had to move.
The geographical cultural border crossed them, letting them on the other side of the country of origin, is the case of the United States of America.
The indigenous cultures have been united by ceremonies of maximum dignity, however, politics and economics, keep trying to divide, separate and classify them, keeping with the otherness concept, the one used by the West to separated and divide the rest of the world.

In fact the actual anthropology tries to exalt characteristics of the development of non-western cultures, in which for example, the diversity and plurality were very important.
Where the exchange was valued and not the exercise of the power of one against another.
The Mayas, the Teotihuacan, lived together with many other cultures without having to exercise the domain in Western terms of the colonialism that we know.

Conversely even in the current the Huicholes coming from 5 regions and 5 different ways to conceive their own identity, they maintain their autonomy and difference.
They even share the same desert of Wirikuta, which is the sacred site more important to all of them.

For centuries they come from their places of origin, sharing their ceremonies in the same place without wanting to own it, without meaning to say that one is more owner than the other of this important place.
What more a signal of wisdom and development than being beyond the power and control of the other.

What more a signal of superiority than living together and respect the others, accepting and recognizing the diversity.

So the indigenous of the world continues to live in their communities, trying to defend their rights, their history and their identity.
It’s time to make visible their development, and the enormous survival capacity they have had, from human values and towards nature that right now the West endangers from its parameters of power and control that have more than half of the world population in poverty, hunger and fragility.


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