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La Route des Plumes d’Or

Maison Folie L’hospice D’havré, Tourcoing, Francia
25/04/19 - 26/07/19




Objects midway between exploitation, beliefs, legends, and his- tory, Betsabeé Romero draws us into installations sometimes monumental, sometimes more personal, and transports us to a Mexico which is both ancestral and contemporary. Since the 1990s, Betsabeé Romero has thrown herself into different fields of creation with works that have powerful iconographic and eclectic strength. They are guardians of memory provo- king true dialogue between practical parlance and contem- porary preoccupations. Betsabeé Romero concentrates her work on transformed objects and accessories which echo the quest for cultural identity as well as the mutations to society induced by globalisation.



The interminable wings of an endless kingdom of eagles, The flight of eagles to dances
Cultures of northern Mexico and North America.

They cross the continent with immense and strong golden feathers,
Featuring collective hierarchies rituals of the land
and its components.

The eagle symbolising liberty and strength par excellence. In this installation featuring multiple haloes or crowns Brought together on a route made of gold and feathers,
A Quetzalcóatl (feathered serpent) is crowned with huge white plumes,

Golden and sunny haloes
Descending cycles
From the open stage where the altarpiece is positioned up to the entrance to the altar
The crowning is of an anonymous being,
Collectively, with no beginning or end
He makes power descend to earth
By combining the spiritual power from bottom up.
The echoes of feathers that descend and skim the head of a passer-by,
The spectator who is invited to experience a power
that has landed
By putting himself in the hole of the head covered with feathers
Part of this horizontal and collective power.

Betsabeé Romero 2019


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