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Latin America Endless Transformation

Denver, E.U.A
08/09/17 - 29/10/17

A collaborative exhibit co-presented by RedLine, Contemporary Expressions of Art, Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, and Building Bridges Art Exchange.

Participating Artists: Yana Clark, Ángel Delgado, Diana Drews, Carlos Estévez, Rodolfo de Florencia, Andrea Juan, Norton Maza, Marco Miranda, Eugenia Vargas Pereira, Angel Ricardo Ricardo Rios, Ricardo Rodríguez, Betsabeé Romero.  

Coming from many lands, races, and perspectives, Latin America: Endless Transformation explores the constant social, political, and cultural reconfiguration that occurs in Latin America. In this exhibit, artists are investigating the ways in which communities reshape their own collective identity and reveal a continuous transformation that is visible in the artistic movements taking place throughout the Americas.

Through performances, installations, videos, paintings, and photography, this Latin America: Endless Transformation will act as a dynamic laboratory for each artist to examine and experiment with different aspects of identity as patriotism, community, citizenship, the pursuit of happiness, freedom, equal rights, and activism

Instalación de 4 llantas, grabadas, con hoja de oro impresas sobre encajes



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