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Art of Enchantment

Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel. 



The flower is the object for many monumental international festivals, Mexico among them.

Mexico’s is one of the largest ones, bearers of a great Flower culture.
It is the 3rd country for the cultivation of ornamental plants, we have 22,000 hectares planted with flowers,
Only 10% of it is exported, which means that we are one of the countries that consumes them the most.
Mexico is the home of between 10 and 12% of the world's biodiversity and it is estimated that we have 26,000 species of flowers. We are the 4th country in this line.

In Mexico we are born, we grow up, we reproduce and die accompanied by flowers
We celebrate, court, reconcile and eat with flowers.
Gods and also people have ALWAYS celebrated with flowers.
Flowers are a fundamental part of all our rites and rituals.
In Mexico, flowers are sung, prayed, painted, eaten, woven and, above all,
they accompany us and are generously offered in all our collective celebrations.
the flowers mean shelter, pampering, approach.
They are mediation for falling in love and reconciliation for the disputed ...

but above all, they are essential to pass our collective and individual duels.


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